An Elaboration on Molyneux's Correct Point on War and Similar Propaganda

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  • SkogComplex reply Yep . Babies getting breathing assistance in Syria - 'we need to bomb bomb bomb because MUH BABIES!!!!!' Dead babies on the streets of Stockholm - 'terrorism is just a fact of life in a big city, goyim. move on, nothing to see, stop that hate speech or we'll bring the entire state media apparatus upon you for wrong think crimes. most muslims are peaceful and white people are evil '
  • cornhole01 reply Being informed is and has always been a full time job. I used to listen to Rush when he was a local guy just for the news. BBC World Service used to be pretty good, but no more. Most citizens have neither the interest, intellect, or time to parse this jungle of committed information. About 2012 or so I did a photo search on ISIL and came up with truckloads of headless Christian babies. Disturbing.
  • CamillaSweden reply So true! Thank you //C~Sweden
  • [ – ] MidrangeKEK reply I am really starting to think this is just a brilliant move to A) get Russia to really work hard in Syria, because now this gives them incentive to do more: raids against caches, suppressing terrorists who want to use chemical weapons, etc. B) To give China and N Korea that we will act if they do anything: South Seas, Nukes, etc.
    • [ – ] Plum_Fun parent reply Er..."B"...Syria can't do anything to the US. N Korea could make life very difficult for the US by just opening up on S Korea. And China? Do you really think if the US attacked a base on Chinese soil, that the China government and Military would just go "Oh-uh! We dun bad! Mr.Big-Shot-USA poked us and said bad words! We should meekly back away and hide...sure hope Mr.Big-Shot-USA accepts our feeble attempts at submission...." ... ... Really? Gods, I *really* hope you are in the extreme minority of american thinking.
      • MidrangeKEK parent reply What I meant was this gives the impression to China and N Korea that the US is not afraid to act; unlike Obama who would tells world leaders to cut it out, and lets people cross lines without any repercussions. China has constantly let little kim play around launching missiles into Japanese waters and develop/test nukes and they themselves a meddling in the South sea. They saw America as weak and are pushing us around. If we want to speak softly and carry a big stick, maybe we need to show that we are actually willing to use it.
    • MidrangeKEK parent reply This all depends on the follow weeks of events. If we see no more serious action against Syria, then I should expect that Trump was just giving the world a crack of the whip. I mean, Obama did bomb the shit out of Syria, and Trump has a long ways to go before he even comes close.
  • wolfalexzemla reply This syria thing is a way to distract sjw's and send them back to fighting imaginary wars on xbox in their parents basement. SJW'S dont fight real issues just imaginary ones.
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