"Is Youtube Corrupt?" Ft. MrBeast, ImAllexx, Optrix, Vanilla Rice, TheRedSpy and Don Vespucci

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  • [ – ] BilambertFarm reply Youtube actively censors political content that theatens certain establishment interests, commenters featured in this video are unlikely to have such a problem.
    • NatashaV parent reply If anyone had a channel there, and was ripped off monitization, or comments, you and become party to this petition, and get compensation, or sign it and force them to stop. Either way, they are a vile website. I do not need donations, just signatures. https://www.change.org/p/twitter-harassment-youtube-deleting-views-comments-subscribers-stealing-monitization
  • [ – ] BadBusa reply Sometimes YouTube censorship isn't obvious! I've posted comments that should've gotten a reply but after changing computers, I've found that my comment was only visible to my I.P. address!
    • [ – ] Slicklickz parent reply At first they wouldn't let me post certain words or links.Then suddenly I could post anything again.When I viewed them from other computers,they weren't there.Even from the same computer,from a different browser,they weren't there.
      • [ – ] Iamnotmyideak parent reply Yeah it's called Ghost banning, people put time and effort into composing comments that no one ever sees. It's the sneakiest form of censorship I can even imagine. YouTube are massively corrupt, it's most noticeable with political content.
        • [ – ] YourTVUnplugged parent reply Yea it's really gotten terrible with the ghost banning!! I'm currently blacklisted by YT and it is yes it appears to be usually when I spend the most time and effort into my comments is when they decide to hide them from public view!! Mainly when speaking the truth about any subject at all that the mainstream is lying about! Otherwise even short comments even without saying anything besides just giving someone kudos or the like randomly they'll still be hidden since I'm already 'marked' as a truth speaker! Hopefully vid.me really is independent and won't censor like YT, I'm testing that out now! :D
          • Iamnotmyideak parent reply Exactly my experience too. The more time I spend on making a strong and fact checked statement the more likely no one but me will see it. I tend to leave a different browser open where I'm signed out just to check if posts are appearing. We think alike, I've been 'testing' today also :) There is no way my test post would have even appeared on YT let alone stayed for 5 hours, I think we're good here.
      • BadBusa parent reply One post they sensored had a link to Wiki leaks with the email & spread sheet proving Obama sold his cabinet positions/ ambassatorships to the highest bidder! Another showed his bank bailout/TARP funds being funneled into Clinton Foundation & Democrat Super SuperPACs to keep them in power with our tax dollars!
  • White_Wolf reply Yes indeed they are corrupt! I am so glad that I found this one!
  • asung415 reply Dont forget the time when they blocked Phil Franco from being in the rewind after he said no to paid promotion for a 'certain political party'
  • MCauthon reply If you are just posting fluff garbage that isn't controversial you probably wouldn't see it. I tend to watch some controversial shit and those users are constantly talking about how corrupt it is. They censor like mad. They Demonetize stuff that hasn't violated any rules. Pizzagate is perfect example.
  • [ – ] sometime777 reply youtube is trying to control info on pizzagate, i've seen the views go backwards on pizzagate videos and they banned Reality calls page,because she was doing pizzagate stories. It's their bat and ball they can do what ever they want to.
    • NoBS4U parent reply MaBell was broken up for less.It's called Anti-trust laws. YouTube has been caught deleting Anti-Hillary vids, while promoting Anti-Trump hit pieces. That is called Election Fraud and voter intimidation.
    • Iamnotmyideak parent reply Good thing we found another bat and ball - game on!
  • mac101 reply is youtube corrupt..... FUCK YES! rotting pile of SHIT
  • nomadic reply Yup, they are corrupt
  • BluesDank reply Youtube < Vid Me
  • cerebralpisces reply Yes youtube is hella corrupt.
  • [ – ] mendex reply you tube censors political content
  • AladinSane reply If you have concluded, as a 'successful' YouTube content creator', that YouTube's decision to censor political content is NOT corruption, than you are selling your morals/ethics with the hope that you can continue your gig without disruption. Here is some insight for you; the more YouTube censors topics that matter for fluff that does not, the more irrelevant the platform with become. Wait long enough....and you all will be trying to get on this platform (vid.me or some other)....from way behind. Censorship is a bad business plan, period! It is the definition of corruption in a western democratic republic. All that assumes that most of these 'YouTubers' are a self-motivated and self-interested individuals; why? Because you should not require any other motivation than, "Censorship is wrong and therefore YouTube is corrupt". What happened to principles over self advancement? Oh ya, the MSM propagandized that virtue into extinction long ago :-/
  • gene_s reply LOL That's a rhetorical question, right? Does a bear shet in the woods? Is the pope Catholic? Is the sky blue? Is water wet? Is You Tube corrupt?
  • [ – ] Number1Bronze5 reply google is corrupt, it is known. google is one of the few companies in the smoke filled back rooms deciding the fate of billions
  • stringentfoot reply Seeing this apps community so far i must say it feels super fresh and exiting so far, but youtube is just getting so dull
  • [ – ] cannotaccess reply YouTube is geared to make you watch rubbish for longer, They do not care about quality content.q
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply No, they totally don't care about how good your content is. It really sucks. I'm even making a video on leaving YouTube. People are gonna start freaking out. LMAO.
  • KraidSaves reply You better believe your ass that YouTube is corrupt... they're pushing censorship how can you say it's not corrupt.
  • KraidSaves reply Why does this fucking website know what my YouTube channel is?
  • Roland808 reply good vid man, subbed!!
  • GhoststerTheAxolotl reply Yes but I still upload there for extra views
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