Matt Harvey, NY Mets, first MLB pitcher in Houston, post Hurricane Harvey (HAARP, Sandy, Katrina +)

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  • [ – ] SauceWizdom reply Did you also pick up that Hurricane Irma may hit New York on 9/11.
  • MrBaltimoreRon reply So glad you are doing vids again Zach, love from Baltimore.
  • [ – ] Barni_Yamum reply ''Andreas von der Meden'' dead on 4/26/2017 at age of 74 (born on 1/10/1943) 'von der Meden'=74 (dead at 74) /106 (dead 106days after his birthday) /119/ 361(=19x19)/............... 26. april is the 116th day of the year and 249 days are left in the year he was part of some 'audio drama/radio play'...which is known in america as 'the three investigators'... they released the Episode 187 on 5/19/2017, 23 days after his death or 3 weeks and 2 days...when u include the end date 24 days or 3weeks and 3 days! the release date of the 187th episode 5/19/2017 has numerology of 5+19=24 5+1+9+2+0+1+7=25 5+1+9+1+7=23 (5+19+1+7=5+1+9+17=32) 5+19+17=41 ... his death date 4/26/2017 has numerology of 4+2+6+2+0+1+7=22 4+26+17=47 (~74, 47°at the freemason compass...time=47) 4+26+20+17=67 ... 'Andreas von der Meden'=181 (ordinal) /170 (/233/811/...)
    • [ – ] Barni_Yamum parent reply the official statement of the company 'Europa'...via facebook (advertisement) (they announced his death with this...) "Wir trauern um Andreas von der Meden. Der Schauspieler, Synchron- und Hörspielsprecher bleibt uns in seinen vielen Rollen im Ohr und in wunderbarer Erinnerung - ob als Morton, Skinny Norris (Die drei ???), Onkel Quentin (Fünf Freunde) oder in weiteren Rollen. Andreas von der Meden ist einzigartig! Unsere Gedanken sind bei seiner Familie und Freunden."=1087 !!!(sept) (1087 the 181st prime, Andreas von der Meden=181, 181 the 42nd prime, 42 the answer, 42~24 he died 24 days before the 187 episode, 187~1087 which gets released on a date with 24 numerology..., poison in german is 'Gift'=42....) u know the movie '187' (one eight seven)... in german the movie is called '187 - eine tödliche Zahl' (~'187 - a killing/deadly number')...
      • [ – ] Barni_Yamum parent reply btw thinking about the hurricane... they have released a special episode of 'the three investigators'(''Die drei Fragezeichen'') on 6/23/2017 called ''Der Tornadojäger'' ('The tornado-chaser').. a span of 58 or 59 days from Andreas's death to this special episode... freemasonry=58/59 connected to freemasonry again... freemasonry reformed on 6/23/1717... they(=58) had their 300 anniversary on 6/23/2017... date numerology 6+2+3+1+7=19 (& death date 4+26+20+17=67, the 19th prime no) (& birth date 1+1+0+17=1+10+1+7=19) and 55 days after the special episode 'tornado chaser' (and the 300th anniversary of modern freemasonry) the hurricane harvey formed (august 17, 2017)... 1717=17x101 2017 (306th prime) 2017+306=2323 151 (36th prime) 151+36=187...! from his birthday 1/10/2017 to his death are 106 days or 15weeks and 1 day (~151~36~306~187~2017...) (83 the 23rd prime, 83+23=106) or 3 months 2 weeks and 2 days (~322~223 the 48th prime, his birthday has numerology of 48, 1/10/2017, 1+10+...more20+17=48,...) to his next birth day 1/10/2018 would be a span (including the end date) of 260 days Andreas=123/26/62/88/23.... Gift=222 (extended), order out of chaos=222... this makes me sick... he had a great voice... -.-'' i need a break...
        • [ – ] Barni_Yamum parent reply one more...way too crazy.... the 89th episode ''Tödliche Spur'' (~''killing clue''!!!) the episode the three investigators and everybody else think a character which 'Andreas von der Meden' plays, died/got murdered and in the end he faked his death!!! (and some evil guy from his past kidnapped him after everybody thought that he died in some car accident...) 89 the 24th prime and 11th fibonacci no he died 24 days before the 187 episode gets released, 187~1087 which gets released on a date with 24 numerology... and the official statement to his death sums to 1087 the 181st prime and 'Andreas von der Meden'=181 and 181 is the 42nd prime the reflection of 24, connected to the episode in which his character fakes his death....omg gonna listen to that episode now...=D
          • Barni_Yamum parent reply omfg 89+98=187 (187+89=276 , the 23rd triangular) the 89th episode got released on 5/15/2000 to Andreas's death date its a span of 6190 days (16years 11months 11days) the divisors of 6190 sum to 11160 ...his death date 26. april is the 116th day of the year (execution=116)
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