Power Rangers TV Ratings Are Dropping On Nickelodeon

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  • [ – ] Spinel reply Of course the ratings are dropping, the way Nickelodeon does it is bad, dividing 1 season in 2 years is hurting the products also skipping seasons and since Samurai they repeat the same formula, Dino Charge was a good breathing but they're focus too much in the toy selling (i know that's the point) instead of doing a quality show that sells toys.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I will admit that the costumes have gotten better over the years.
  • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply I didn't know Power Rangers was still a thing. That was big when I was growing up.
  • [ – ] Springion reply Look on IMDB. The show is cancelled. The last episode is on September 16th.
    • [ – ] RayceJacobson parent reply No, the show isn't cancelled. Here is footage from Super Ninja Steel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsHv28o3-1Q
      • [ – ] Springion parent reply That is Super Ninja Steel not Ninja Steel. That is a whole different series!
        • [ – ] RayceJacobson parent reply It's season two of Ninja Steel.
          • [ – ] Springion parent reply It says 2017-2017. That means it was cancelled and it says the last episode is in September 16th. Also, it dosen't announce a upcoming season 2
          • Springion parent reply http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5335606/
          • [ – ] Springion parent reply Look on IMDB. It's a different series
            • [ – ] RayceJacobson parent reply Different season with the same team.
              • [ – ] Springion parent reply Dude, it's a different series. PR NS is cancelled. No new seasons. PR SNS is a different series.
                • [ – ] RayceJacobson parent reply I'm going to assume you're either willfully ignorant or a troll at this point. I'm checking out at this point.
                  • [ – ] Springion parent reply Your the ignorant or troll here. It said on IMDB it was cancelled. Just because I'm right dosent mean you call me names. Fuck off.
                    • [ – ] RayceJacobson parent reply I looked on IMDB, and nowhere does it even hint at cancellation. The youtube video has super ninja steel footage, which wouldn't even exist if they were cancelling ninja steel. The guy in the above said they have two seasons per team, the second season being a super season. All of your arguments hold no water, so you could only be one of two things: a troll or ignorant. It's not name calling, it's a natural conclusion.
                      • Springion parent reply If you don't understand the difference between sequel series and seasons, you may be confused with Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.
                      • [ – ] Springion parent reply Really? Dude. Check again. The series says 2017-2017. That means the show ended cancelled or soon to be cancelled. Also, look on episodes and guide. It says season one. You don't see a season 2. I really don't know where you are getting these things from. It's so simple. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is a sequel series to Ninja Steel.
                        • [ – ] RayceJacobson parent reply They wouldn't have green lit the sequel season if they were cancelling the first season. They would have cancelled both. They very fact that there's a sequel season means that the first season is not cancelled. Let's just wait and see how many episodes they put out, and we'll know who's right.
                          • [ – ] Springion parent reply I see where your confusion comes from. Season of a series can have a different name like Total Drama for example, but why would Ninja Steel get a new season if it says on IMDB that it will be cancelled (September 16th). Go ahead keep your argument and I'm gonna keep mines. It's not really a big of a deal. Truce?
  • AFLentertainment-Games reply Power Ranger Ninja Steel is a really good series
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