breaking news! dinosaurs are only 20000 years old now!

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  • [ – ] fancyfig reply those pictographs do not resemble any actual dinosaurs, they resemble perhaps the dinosaurs we imagined when we were just guessing at how the bones fit together. we now know allot more about dinosaur posture, and the idea that any of them were standing up right or dragging their tails is long outdated. so why would someone who had seen a real live dinosaur have this misconception? carbon dating is notoriously unreliable for things older than about 20,000 years, it's not that it's inconvenient to science that it isn't used in paleontology, it's that it literally produces less data the further back you go until there's nearly no carbon 14 left to measure, and if you find any at all, it can mean that it's 40,000 years old, or it can mean a dead skin cell landed in the sample you were testing.
    • [ – ] FolicePuck parent reply it's tearing the dino community apart i hear, i am no expert mr fig and i do not have a dog in the fight
      • fancyfig parent reply i guess it depends how you define "the dino community". there aren't any paleontologists i know of that take anything like this seriously, and there's no mention of it on the dinosaurs subreddit. but young earth creationists, of which there are allot in the usa especially, also have their own dino community. unfortunately with so little agreement on foundational concepts, there's far more things that tear us apart than bring us together.
  • [ – ] 420brian reply please look into
  • [ – ] GageTheRanter reply So a handful of images that can't be proven one hundred percent to be dinosaurs just instantly means that dinosaurs shared earth with man?. Are you high ?.
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