Roman's Top 10 Sword & Sorcery Films

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  • [ – ] kurumais reply who doesnt like lady hawk??? thats insane. i agree with you on jack the giant slayer its a blast. btw what did you think of willow? or the animated fire and ice. i believe you are correct about excaliber being the best king arthur movie. i think the only one that competes is the musical camelot.
    • astraleyes parent reply You have good taste. Willow, I was trying to fit in. It would probably be Number 11. Fire and Ice, I have to do a special on it. I only didn't include it because it was animated. I need to do a video on animated fantasy that wasn't made by Disney (maybe have 2 - one for Disney, one without). Fire & Ice, Heavy Metal, the Wizard, etc will all be included.
  • [ – ] JCrawf79 reply Oh I don't worry too much about the 90's lambasting the 80's. The past two decades pretty much look at the 90's in humor now. What goes around, comes around? Though I have to admit that I'm still wondering why we don't have flying cars and working hover boards yet. <.<
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