Face Your Darkest Fears In VIRTUAL REALITY! ( NEAR FAINTING ) Face Your Fears Gameplay

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  • [ – ] TheClimbBackUp reply i dont know what was worse, the vertigo one or the creepy clown rapist!!!! i fucking cant deal with heights man, its worse when im high up and i look up if that makes sense, cant wait to see more of these man
  • GavinDaGamer reply This made me laugh so hard I watched it like 50 times already.
  • FaTaLViru5 reply I've had actual vertigo before for 2 weeks because of ear infection, which caused me to feel feel nauseous and felt like I was going to throw up it sucked
  • [ – ] FaTaLViru5 reply I get vertigo sometimes just from playing vr in general that's why I sold my PS4 vr. It only happens if I'm walking a certain direction and I would be looking in another direction at the same time. I might buy it again. My fears are spiders, ghosts, heights, and being burried alive lol
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