Upgrade QYT KT-8900 25W High power Mini Mobile Two Way Radio Mini-9800 Part II

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  • inside4rom reply Hi All, here is real proof about seller from AliExpress sell FAKE! 1. Not Swith Power Hi/Low Mode (always 8.6 and 12.8 wats out ) in UHF and VHF. 2. Bad microphone working 3. Bad NFM deviation Product link: https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/SHIP-FROM-RUSSIA-Upgrade-QYT-KT-8900-25W-High-power-Mini-Mobile-Two-Way-Radio-Mini/32770729790.html?spm=2114.10010208.1000016.1.pUW32U&isOrigTitle=true Seller name: AIRFREE Electronics (Fujian) In Coming soon we will release Part III ( Uncover / Unboxing, research schematic and compare with original datasheets and schematics fom previously version). To be continued ..
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