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  • Unhipalmond360 reply The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And Feminists have paved it deep into a hell on earth.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply I really appreciate your video on this. It reminds me why I followed your channel in the first place. I'm for hookers and housewives. Two groups that I do not necessarily agree with these two groups, I will fight for them because feminism forgot these groups. It would be interesting for you to do a video on MRA's and / or the MGTOW movement. Thank you for being a #womanagainstfeminism. #tits4thoughts should this series be called, yes?
  • [ – ] amacris reply Hello Tara! Great video. Just emailed you about Berkeley Free Speech Week. Let us know what you think.
  • TheNewAmericanMedia reply Men need to be allowed to be men, without constant attacks from haters.
  • VauxhallViva1975 reply Wow. Very impressive video. 100% correct too. The modern feminist wants NOTHING to do with anyone who wants to discuss the subject in any way that involves testing the facts, logic, reason or NOT insisting that men are the cause of all of the 'Problems' they are having. Nicely done. Following.
  • droopy82 reply I bet you have a large straight male following
  • [ – ] CaptainCluskey reply Nice boobs!
  • Gilgaearel_Baen reply The kind of persons you describe as feminists sound to me more like hardcore lesbians. I'm not referring to their sexual orientation but the approach that this kind of lesbians have towards men. The original feminists that I personally know, never had this sort of negativity towards men's masculinity. Feminism was never about cancelling men. It was about respect and social equality between both sexes. The kind of so called "feminists" you describe, don't respect anyone, not even themselves. Regarding the objectification of women, I'm of the opinion that if a woman doesn't want to be objectified will find the way to achieve it. I find a least oxymoron to see those women moaning about their objectification while on the same time they literally parade their assets in the most sexual way available. I'm not saying that they have to hide behind burkas and such things. But a little bit of moderation doesn't harm.
  • shinethelight reply 👏👏👏👏👏 well said👍👊
  • I3UTM reply Which porn industry are you referring to? There are many now. @ZeroBudgetProductions
  • ceirque reply Awesome vid!
  • [ – ] ZeroBudgetProductions reply Would be curious to hear your opinion on pornography and objectification of women ...
    • TaraBabcock parent reply I have many videos touching on the subject. Try my videos "Feel Free to Fap" (on here and YT) and "Porn vs Reality" (only on YT.) I love porn, and I don't believe we have a problem with female objectification. If a woman shows she's more than just a sexy girl, she will be treated as such by the majority. There are always assholes and trolls, but who cares about them? You can't please everyone!
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