Essence of Classical Theist

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  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply I really enjoyed your arguments, and found them really interesting. But as to the idiot you were responding to, this is why I have little to no time for philosophy. And did Thomas Aquinas ever say anything sensible?
    • [ – ] InaneDragon parent reply I would consider some of Aquinas' arguments to have been sensible back in the 13th century. The problem is we're dealing with people who consider him to be more than a historical influence on philosophy that helped shape early scientific thinking (back when it was called "natural philosophy" or even "natural theology").
      • JonTheBemused parent reply I guess the source of my question about Aquinas is that I have heard him held up as a great thinker. Yet everything of his I have read has not indicated that to me at all. Thus I have never had the urge to check him out further. So I completely understand your point about him being a great thinker in context. I just wish that people would stop presenting his writings as being so great, as if they hadn't become irrelevant with the passage of time. But perhaps (pure conjecture time) religionists have to reach back to the likes of Aquinas as there do not seem to be any more recent intellectuals, as opposed to when philosophising about religion was the only game in town.
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