The return of the gods

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  • [ – ] WhiteWolf2412 reply In my opinion, Gods have never left, it's just that we are turning our faces towards them yet again...It's tricky to explain polytheism using vocabulary tainted by abrahamic dogma. Like for example word religion. We like to deny that our traditions are religion simply because when saying that word we have a concept of abrahamic dogma's in mind. It took me quite some time to free my mind from those mental chains , and I have never been practicing Christian. Slava Rodu ! Slava Bogovima !
    • [ – ] SlavicLore parent reply "Rod" The root of the word birth, also the name of the top Slavic pagan deity from which, according to myth, Slavs took their roots. This root of that word is the same in many Slavic languages. So are our myths and sagas. They are some-what different, yet they are also similar. For centuries and to this day we were divided by bankers, politicians and arms dealers who profit on our blood. I so wish Slavs would stop fighting one another and come together in spirit. Not in a single nation, that is a misconception. We should keep our nations and our traditions and languages, but realize that we are a tribe with old, rich and beautiful culture. We are brothers in spirit and origin, and we should protect our culture and memories of our ancestors. I stand with Poland, and all Slavic countries that resist the erosion of the identity of their people by globalists to whom there is nothing that is sacred except profits.
      • WhiteWolf2412 parent reply Beautifully said !!! I agree 100% with Your every word. Although stounchly Catholic, Poland ( along with Czech Republic ) stands againt suicidal dictates from Brussels, and in defiance to Anarcho-Communist Pope himself. Jorge Bergoglio has outdone himself as feet-washer-kisser with his newest abominable decree Pope: Rights of migrants trump national security concerns Slava !!!
  • [ – ] AmandaAnderson_1 reply This is a good video about paganism origins. I see all kinds of connections as to why it would be on the rise in personal uses.
    • SlavicLore parent reply These are our roots. Far older and deeper than those imposed by foreign ideologies. This is true not only for Slavic Pagans, but for Nordic as well. The traditions, sagas, symbology, runic writing and iconography are not that dissimilar between Northern Slavs and Scandinavians. Unfortunately those cultures were almost destroyed during the christianization. There is a movement, at least in the slavic cultures to restore, albeit in part those traditions, holidays and above all values. Slavs see yet another invasion of the ideological degeneracy coming from the west as an all out attack on their culture. Since they don't have a PC politics and PC culture they resist the invasion quite openly. At least for the time being.
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