Two Diners | Jordan B Peterson

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  • Brendan831 reply Welcome to Dr. Peterson!
  • DonaIdTrump reply Clean your room or you're fired!
  • Sourdoughgirl reply Can't wait to see regular videos here. I am done with Youtube.
  • detzel reply Dr. Peterson, might we expect to see the full biblical series uploaded to I know there are many who share my sentiment of completely forsaking youtube and google.
  • 50fps reply Is this the real Jordan Peterson or some reupload channel? I am new on this site and saw no vidme links on his Youtube videos so I am kinda suspicious.
  • archytus reply great!!
  • GreybackCoyote reply I am not trying to make a joke here but the man that the Dr. talks about maybe should have cleaned his room.
  • jacopo reply That was a hoot Dr. P.
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