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  • NevadaArcade reply any snake is a good snake, lol, nice touch, new follower here, thanks
  • PuzzlesIRL reply You gotta admit, snakes are cool, especially solid snake! But seriously, I do hold a different view to this video; pretending to be somebody else (AKA 'wearing a fake skin') can help you find out more about yourself which can help you make decisions to make your life better; ultimately making you happier. I disagree with the whole thing about about "snakes will never be happy"; I think people believe this because when growing up they were always told "just be yourself and everything will be fine", but I don't believe this because I've been on /r9k/ (a board on 4chan).
  • ohnoitswes reply Fewf I thought I was a snake until I saw the first part of your video thank you you just made my mental state better
  • Kikazaru reply Mmm, new skin feels great
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