A POLITE MESSAGE TO @SusanWojcicki #YtStopShaddowBanningUs (BACKUP)

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  • [ – ] EllenRipley reply That woman is killing Youtube. It's becoming a huge echo chamber for SJWs.
  • NateToons reply This makes me really hope that alt sites like VidMe will rise up and be legit competitors to YouTube. What we are seeing as of right now is the dangers of a monopoly, people will get screwed over and it could also destroy the lives of individuals. I just hope things work out for people like her who struggle to find ways to make a living.
  • [ – ] x_BIX reply Susan just needs to learn to get her head out of her ass and let people post more controversial things again. If someone doesn't like it, they don't need to look at it!
    • [ – ] rxantos parent reply Is about the demonetization. No money, no way to pay the bills.
      • [ – ] x_BIX parent reply I know. and what causes Demonetization? The fact that the CEO can't let people post things about Controversy. (that term being used INSANELY loosely)
        • [ – ] rxantos parent reply At the end of day, is Google that causes the demonetization. I can come up with a 100 excuses, but they are the ones that choose who is monetized and who is not. Thus they are the cause. They could simply let advertisers chose to advertise on whatever channel they want. Then it would be the fault of the Channel if they can attract ad revenue or not. I believe the term is called A free market. Let advertiser agencies do their job and just give them channel statistics. Instead they choose to be not only the medium but the placers. Of course that wont guarantee suit or others income. But at least it would be a fair system.
          • Coastermaker parent reply It's all about money now. Never used Monetization at all because I have a real job, not making money off of videos on Freakin' Youtube. Demonitizing is one thing but shadowbanning, hell no.
  • [ – ] Talann1 reply It's not about saying anything you want according to who you are. YouTube is demonitizing based on your thoughts and political leanings. As much as I agree with you and hate YouTube's biased agenda, it's not their fault some person who is psychologically screwed up decides to kill themselves over this issue. This platform and many others, just like a job, are not garunteed. It sucks starting over but it happens every day. You job as a content creator is to inform your listeners and tell them where to go to see your videos.
    • Sock_Puppet parent reply I have to agree, there has been enough time to secure alternative website support, Hatreon and Vid.me have been the "Go to" platforms for many content creators for a reason. Liz Reptile if you read this please create an account here and ask your subs, who will follow you here as many here on vid,me have come from youtube, to support you financially until you build up your channel here. Styxhexenhammer666 was forthcoming at the start of adpocalypse and gave content creators great advice on how to survive, it will be harder now to transition from youtube to vid.me because getting in touch with your subs directly has now been taken away from you but (as you can see here) channels like Suit will support you.
  • [ – ] Leadhead reply That is one ugly dumb cunt.
  • VoltaicFire reply Let Google burn, they've had too much power for too long.
  • [ – ] PeninaChan reply I think there's no point in pleading with YouTube anymore. They've show multiple times that they're not willing to listen to their creators. So I suggest something that hurts them both in PR and financially. Class action lawsuit. Antitrust lawsuit.
    • [ – ] AceAcer2 parent reply To that i'd add moving to alternative platforms like this one(vid.me) would also hurt YT in the long run because if all the good content creators move here all that will remains is the cat videos and QKS. Now the question is "is vid.me can manage a big traffic like YT does?" - if they can vid.me could be effectively replacing YT in a near future. If not i hope the vid.me creator would do everything to improve his platform to make it better.
  • AceAcer2 reply She is a bit too high up her ass to pay attention to this video unless it's posted in the medias - then she will pay attention. That's how she works, if it's not staining her reputation she will not react at all. Not to mention she is a feminist and don't give a shit about what men have to say. About this video, she will probably take it as an "over-dramatization" to make her sympathize and do something. In short she will think it's a fake video with fake ppl who are scared to lose money and lie about their disabilities. That how much of a cunt she is unfortunately .
  • Edgewood reply I hate to say it, but she'd probably laugh at this point and pretend it was the fault of the patriarchy. I'm getting that impression rather strongly of late. It's saddening.
  • albanothemadman reply That was painful to watch. This is reality now...and unfortunately, the people like S.W. who desperately need a heaping suppository of it, will never get the message. What does one do? Shit. Over here in the states, if you even say "hey, I think all you retards on the left and right need to calm the fuck down" you'll be labeled a nazi, alt right, white supremacist, racist, cuck, fag, communist. Reality is dying.
  • [ – ] elgabowsky reply So, directly contacting companies that advertise using google could work? Doing what WSJ did in reverse. If creators can compile enough evidence that videos that don't break the TOS are getting demonetized and this is causing disabled and marginalized people to loose their source of income would the backlash be big enough to make them reconsider? I'd totally mass e-mail the advertisers. I guess gamergate did this in the past. We need a list of companies (and their PR contacts) and a compilation of evidence that this is hurting innocent people.
  • MrFixIt reply She has that evil witch nose. Btw good to see all these niggas here on Vidme
  • [ – ] Hydrolysis reply I was shadowbanned just for commenting.
    • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku parent reply Your entire channel was banned or "just" your comments?
      • [ – ] Hydrolysis parent reply I wasn't banned, I was shadowbanned. My comments don't appear. My late comments were simply deleted (like +10k likes and still got deleted). You can not find me in the platform anymore, its like I don't exist there and never existed. I can not comment anymore because of some "unknown error" which is the shadowban. But I can still see videos and thats it.
  • Jerry_Boart reply This makes me sick, I want blood if she does,do it (I hope she doesn't).
  • Crypter27 reply I'm sorry to hear that
  • draconath reply Its some messed up shit
  • [ – ] FrostedFoxes reply Youtube already shadow bans, it would not surpirse me if this woman killed herself, and then youtube forged some comments from "nazi's" or someone else for everyone to point the finger at.
  • AlexFuzz reply This video genuinely made me cry. to be honest. like... this genuinely is a major problem that needs to stop.
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