Vermont Issues 29: Composting Vermont Style

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  • [ – ] BubbaAndGugu reply Thx styxhexhammer666 u told me about vidme and I know its going to take time to get big but thx again!
  • phainesthai reply Thanks for the garden inspiration... loved your last garden tour, made me want to have that joy for myself.
  • cornhole01 reply Fireplace ash, minerals
  • abpjd reply The addition of worms will keep in oxygenated, You forgot one key ingredient, coffee grounds! With as much coffee being consumed these grounds should never go to the Dump, it's garden gold! I actually don't drink coffee but I do recycle my weed leaves into my compost... I don't think it's should be a fineable offense as so many people don't create a lot of good compost, they eat from boxes so the majority of that composting would be done on the manufactures end of the process...Yes the boxes can be composted too but they'd be better used in the primary reuse method of recycling... In Washington state people in the city have access to the compost the dump creates with the raw materials, it's a positive feed back loop and does work well...I could go on indefinably about composting as it is something my family and I have practiced all my life But I'm stop here for now, I could give You some pointers on Your garden that would make it more productive with less work... :)
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  • nebikerguy39 reply Styx JewTube took down your video about Antifa-gs assaulting your friend
  • VixTradingSystems reply Wow, america, a decade behind everyone else on almost any issue that actually matters. As Dump would say, "Sad, Just Sad", lol
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