Please feel free to mirror on and yt #YtStopShaddowBanningUs @Youtube

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  • Jesser1975 reply Back up all your videos onto this platform. That's the only way to not let them win! It's not much now, but will grow with each creator that YouTube pisses off. You can also see about suing YouTube. Diamond & Silk are starting a class action lawsuit.
  • RicelikesNoodle reply Luv ya LizzπŸ’šπŸ¦Ž
  • LizzReptile reply Please feel free to mirror this on youtube and
  • truMalma reply Hoping for a followback like mentionned in that limited offer thingy but I love your work also!
  • General_Orthopox reply I'm sorry to say this Lizz, but I don't think youtube or google is going to change their mind any time soon. they chose a side, and if they're willing to silence whoever goes against that side, then they are willing to commit to it. The only things I see us doing is to either establish MisterMetokur's D.A.D Idea, or support a new site in order to grow it into a successful competitor. Its a bullshit situation but we'll all have to get through it.
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