Chairman of Luton Islamic Centre Tells Tommy Robinson Gays should be executed in an ideal world.

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  • EmGreen reply The long tunic of islamic males is fashioned after mohammed tradition. Mohammed would wear the night gowns of Aishah- his child bride he married when she was 6 yrs old. When his followers were alarmed by his cross dressing practices and questioned it, he said he couldn't receive "revelations" in any other woman's garment but Aishah's. So when you see those ridiculous long tunics that look like pajamas . . . its because they are supposed to look like Aishah's pajamas.
  • EmGreen reply islam is coo coo pajamas. They create their own persecution games. They have a tradition called bacha bazi where they dress little boys like seducing dancing women, to be used sexually by men. Then when those boys grow up and some of the don't shake off their childhood conditioning and prefer anal sex orientation. islam cuts their face off with razors or throws them off a rooftop. Disposable sex dolls. Hasn't anyone ever wondered how this mangled belief system always ends up with gay people of its own to persecute?
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