The Classical Jam - Nick Morgan | Yamaha Classical Acoustic

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  • thy_koosk reply Blessd video
  • [ – ] USUandS reply oh hell yeah that guitar is 👌 play whatever you got
  • TonyC3 reply I like this a lot
  • Wendiz reply No worries.. I think you are talented.. Study older music... The music industry is brutal!
  • [ – ] Wendiz reply When you are ready.. You will have a message to send to the world..
    • Nicky_mo parent reply Thank you wendiz, I really hope someday I will be able to have a message to share, just like the greats. More originals will be on their way for sure, I'm gonna try and stray away from covers for a while
  • Wendiz reply Look up Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, 2Pac and so many more. Go back to the original great free thinkers. I wish you well..
  • Wendiz reply Sorry the greats IN music
  • Wendiz reply Keep doing You.. I would really like to hear original music.. Glad you have the background in music. Be original. The greats went in music went against the grain.. They took their background and made truly unique music. You are young.. Experiencing life will help you, the great musicians had life experience and talent.. You are on your way..
  • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply Good guitar playing man.
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