A Statement on Channel Growth and a Question

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  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply Nice to meet you on Vidme Eheroduelist. Don't be so hard on yourself. Creators do the work equivalent to what a celebrity on Hollywood would have a staff of 5-10 people doing. We do our best as we can. Regarding your video, I think your audience is already answering your question about what they want to see based on your view counts. But more importantly, you should only make content you feel good about. Make content that makes you happy and fulfilled. I theorize you'd just lose motivation if you make content to appease others. I see many of your videos are political. To that I urge you to consider if there's another direction your channel can go. Why? Political channels are totally over-saturated on Vidme. No disrespect intended but I see the same topics on your channel as countless other channels. What will you do with your political channel that 50 other political channels aren't already doing? When a trend goes overboard, it burns out. What's more video venue sites and adver...moretisers are becoming more and more cautious about political content. So how if you have any interest in profit, how will making videos that are not being supported by advertisers benefit you. I would not reply on crowdfunding since that's very over-saturated too. Lastly, you never know if Vidme will become more restrictive about political content. But if you really love it then stick with it I suppose. Just evaluate the market. Things to consider.
  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply Ooh, first. I really like your content, and my switching to vid.me is a political statement of opposition to Google. As such, having exclusive content here is not the issue. I am really boring that way. Just more of the same please. In general, I'm not fussed about response videos, unless it is something interesting. We don't need any more responses to Riley Dennis, Ash Hardell, Marina Shutup, or any other vacuous retard. At least, we don't IMO. I like people who put themselves into their videos, and am always interested in your take. And what you find interesting is the best way to determine what you cover. As no one can predict the future, it seems pointless to suggest topics. But that's just me. Everyone else might disagree. 😎
    • [ – ] Eheroduelist parent reply I generally aim by the hip in regards to what world events I cover, but yeah, covering the same, vacuous retards does get VERY old. I absolutely refuse to respond to some people, being Michael Rowlands. There's some members of the Feminist think tank like Kevin Logan and the like I just don't want to respond to, not because their content is necessarily above criticism, but rather criticizing it would involve trying to map out their convoluted logic more than actually debunk the stupid shit they say. When I was desperate for shit to do I'd slide down the autism chamber into the intellectual abyss that is Steve Shives for the occasional chuckle; but even his stupidity gets old. But I mostly made this to 1) acknowledge my vidme channel exists lol, and 2) celebrate my 50 followers mark 15 followers late.
      • JonTheBemused parent reply Well, I like to be polite. If someone asks a question, I like to provide an answer. I consider there to be no obligation to heed my response in return, mind. And I like to engage because, frankly, it's the least I can do in return for the effort you creators put in. Though, I have to say, Steve Shives. Brrrrrrrrr. Not a pleasant thought. If you're ever looking for inspiration, just try the BBC website. There is always one article that is nothing but SJW propaganda, and usually many more. And you can apply the fresh perspective that comes with the perspective of an outsider. I would suggest others, such as The Guardian. But I'm not a sadist!
      • Eheroduelist parent reply And I wanted to gauge exactly what my audience likes and wants to see
      • Eheroduelist parent reply Like Michael Rowlands*
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