WAR | What They Won't Tell You!

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  • [ – ] pipsantos reply Without governments there won't be any war. There will only be murders. The latter is manageable. The former is universal lunacy.
    • [ – ] Bendragon81037 parent reply But we need governments to manage the country as a whole, a HUGE cooperative country wouldn't function on a large scale.
      • bNormal parent reply But we don't need governments to manage the country as a whole, a HUGE cooperative country could function on a large scale using GPS technology, cryptocurrencies, databases, DROs, and the like.
  • Partially_Evil reply War...war never changes
  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply In your hypothesis, in the area of motivations, you ignore the X factor. The human heart. Whether filled with love or hate it is capable of overriding all logic, available data and calculations. So while it might not make sense in any way to burn down your competitors factory, you might do it anyway out of hatred. Just a thought.
    • [ – ] pipsantos parent reply While that scenario may transpire, it will be isolated. The good thing about dealing with the many is, statistics more accurate. Take for example the trajectory of each person in a theater when the movie ends. While we cannot predict the trajectory of each person, we can be pretty sure that all of them will pass through the exit. While there will be those who linger and might hide in the toilet, we can still be very sure that after 10 hours, all of them will be out of the theater. This is the reason why I am so sure that without governments our problems will be much smaller in scale. Because 99% of us are normal. And the trajectory of all our actions taken together just want peace. Governments hijacks our goodness and use it to finance the evils which none of would normally contribute to.
      • [ – ] DarkQuark parent reply I agree with that. Great points. However while my hypothesis might be isolated it might also be more severe. Take Hitler for example.
        • pipsantos parent reply Hitler would have been just another bully in the playground without a government to latch on to, manipulate and finally control. The scale of harm the most evil person going solo can unleash upon humanity is too miniscule in comparison to the conflagration governments can and had actually unleashed. Serial killers even though despicable and evil they are can at most kill dozens to a hundred. No serial killer has killed up to a thousand at least to my knowledge. But governments? Millions. Entire civilization can be obliterated. Mayans, American Indians, etc. What makes us safe has nothing to do with government. Our state of being secure depends on the total sum of each of our goodness. A place is not safe because of the really fncked up people living there. It has nothing to do with government.
  • TheACP333 reply The State Of Hate...
  • bNormal reply We do not need a government. 1. Human beings can "manage" themselves. Humans can look after themselves. Humans can achieve great things, invent things, increase the quality of life for others, and save lives. Without government intervention, the United States jumped above all others. A book titled "The 5000 Year Leap." outlines this: low government resulted in more progress having been achieved in the last 200 years in the US than in the previous 5,000 years of every other civilization combined. 2. The moral argument: It is immoral for a human civilization of any size to have their economies managed unless all of the people in that region explicitly sign such a contracted arrangement. Governments do not care about your consent.
  • RoboLynx reply Wars existed without states long in the past. Clans would go to war with each other way back in the day without any sate overseeing them on any level. Today, gang wars occur in spite of the state's best efforts to quash them. You don't need a state to have a war, and you don't need a war to have a state.
  • wrexxy reply I've been listening to SM for so many years I can tell just by listening to his voice what year he created the video.
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