Where have I been? Finally ready to explain why I left and where the channel is going from here.

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  • duffy reply we're glad you're back man! don't worry about anyone else out there...just do you! we happen to think you're awesome!
  • JestfulHam reply Glad your back dude... whatever you do will be dope. Just do what feels good to you. Look forward to.seeing.what you do man
  • wearegods reply Take your time, do your thing, take care of things. You already know I was on a bit of a break while I tried to figure things out and get my home lift situated, it's a pain in the ass, it really is. Even for me which does everything live as a one take without editing, it's a pain in the ass and things get in the way. Take your time duder.
  • wearegods reply Sup Quazz?
  • [ – ] ChaoticGaming reply First off thats a big A$$ room lol got a damn table and errrthang in it. second. quazz my boi dont worry about the outcome of your video. i enjoy them lol i tend to mess my words up to..in my google feud vids so its common. keep up the great work i know im late but keep doing you brotha
    • QuazzVids parent reply Thanks dude I appreciate the comment. Feels good to know I'm not alone :D I'll try to keep it up by making.. something. I don't know what to make yet lol.
  • HeroicVillain reply ConflictedVillain wanted me to tell you 'it's all good'.
  • Tai_Moya reply Your voice ain't bad, it's really soothing and can be for a podcast too.
  • Tai_Moya reply Bruh u look gorgeous dont worry about that.(no homo) we all have problems with words you're way of speaking helps you (because you can think easier since ur way of speaking is slow) im so happy you moved to a better place!
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