Idaho Refugees Rape Disabled Girl, Judge Lets Them Go Free-Family of Girl Upset

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  • RenoRenegade reply This why God chose to use Trump 🇺🇸 Because through him and Sessions we will lock these perverts/ pedophiles up and throw away the 🔑
  • wolfalexzemla reply This is outrageous! no creeping islam
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply purge the left from government
    • ResistanceChicks777 parent reply Share this! You can stop this! Share your outrage! It's our God given right, duty, and responsibility! Question? Is there anyone higher up with more authority? (Judge, police, prosecutor become pedophiles, participance in child rape and torture, child sex rings, supporting Sharia law and, turn blind eye to justice.) Answer: The Buck stops here: "We the people" have the power to overturn it!!!! Don't underestimate our power. Evil people know how powerful we are. Evil people spend 5 % planning their evil deeds, 15 % spending and buying everything up, 5 % fighting each other and spend **** 75% of the time and money *** keeping us arguing, angry, bitter and "fighting with them". They love fighting debating, keeping people going around in circles like on a merry-go-round. You feel like you are actually moving and getting somewhere when you are actually going in circles like, walking in a desert! You lean towards your right side! etc. Divide and conquer. We the people get on one issue like ...morea pit bull, together, Seth Rich. Hillary for Prison, things will change,. The family union is the strongest unit in the world. So they keep wives, husbands, children separate all day long. Put the family back together like on the family farm, put the townspeople in unity, then the County, then regional, then the State. We the people are unstoppable!!!! Instead of divide and conquer. Each of us, our message must be "everyone on the same topic": Take down globalist!!!
    • ResistanceChicks777 parent reply If Hillary had won the election; pedophilia would be legal and Christians would have been round up and murdered in FEMA camps like the Jews were executed by the Nazi. Evil people worked silently in the dark putting Muslims and pedophiles in government, law enforcement and CEO leadership positions to over throw America with Sharia law for over 50 years! It takes a long time to brainwash a Christian nation, people who know their "rights" don't go down! But those evil leaderless people are still there doing the job they were put in those "leadership positions" to do, without any direction from hierarchy in DC. We have to clean these pedophiles out of places all across the country, in local, state, federal government and seclular work places. Vets know first hand, witnessed over seas, people suffer grievous deaths, acid burnings, be-headings, cut off their fingers, tongues, become man-made eunuchs, rape is the women's fault, rape is cultural, forced marriages, human slaves, sex traffickin...moreg slaves, child pedophile sex trafficking slaves, pedophilia all types all in the name of Islam. Men can just kill their wives like a dog? You can not show respect for an ideology that doesn't have any human decency, empathy, love for their fellow man, a deep hatred and disrespect for women, You can not respect people who are not "respectable". Men living by the letter of a "sometimes" moral law without the love of the spirit of the law.
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