Alternate History: What If Britain Became Fascist?

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  • MaitreMarkScully reply Did you know that in Australia after WWI there was a very anit-British sentiment amoungst the Australian military. A military coup was being developed to put Field Marshal Monash as dictator of Australia (partly because Australia was being forced to have a Federal Reserve Bank and that their troops were used as cannon fodder by the British). Monash was a very popular figure in Australia, it may have been accepted but Monash pulled out at the last minute. The only lasting event that occurred due to this planned military coup was when the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened, a soldier on horse back rode forward and cut the ribbon with his saber, so that the Queens representative, the Governor General, could not cut it. But, my point is - If Australia was a fascist military dictatorship it would not have joined WWII against Germany.
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