Grand Theft Auto's Most Wanted (Episode 1) *Can't Be Stopped!*

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  • ruskinhood reply Well, you probably wouldn't like my channel then, since 90% of my videos are either killing other players in GTA Online, or mindlessly murdering hordes of zombies/other players in Call of Duty. But hey, if you'd happen to change your mind, this is only episode #1. Number two is uploading as we speak! :-D
  • opaxel1967 reply There you have it , thanks for posting this video .. nothing wrong with that .. however : the whole concept of the game stinks !!! I would not want to play the role of some real bad violent bad ass !!! There is to much of that in the real world . I never bought the game and haven seen this I as sure wont !!! Did You play this on the x-box or Playstation ?
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