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  • allcatsloved reply My dad and I have had this conversation many times since my mom died. We've talked for hours and hours about what is heaven like and what are we going to be doing for eternity, and the conclusion was the same: we don't know. lol Scripture doesn't paint a picture of what heaven looks like. It only describes the new heavenly Jerusalem with heaven being revealed in analogies. Are we going to live on earth? In heaven? Both? I'm sure we're going to have responsibilities according to our positions, but we'll also have time for ourselves to explore God's creation. How close will we be to the people we knew here on earth? There seems to be more questions than answers. It's fun thinking about it, but I'm like you, that I wish I could be more excited about it but I can't fathom what I'm hoping in.
  • FaBon reply Well, I do not think that, if you read the Bible, really read it, that heaven seems all that different than what we experience here. I know that will be a controversial idea to some folks, but think about it; If heaven is this perfect place where all the inhabitants are just do-gooding and peaceful, loving each other and living the life of ease and comfort, then someone please explain why so many angels fall from heaven? You don't have to be perfect to get through the gates, that much we know right? Otherwise, why would anyone be unhappy or stir up a ruckus and get kicked to the curb? Perhaps you need to BELIEVE and you need to make and EFFORT and be REPENTANT at the time of your passing, but we all know Humans are fickle and can go bad without refrigeration. According to the Bible, you will have jobs to do so you don't get much rest and it appears you will still be under the supreme rule of another, more powerful, more egomaniacal dictator than any you have ever read about. You break ...morehis law and he will throw you out or into a lake of fire whatever suits his mood. BUT HE LOVES YOU! I do not think that hell is a better alternative but I, for one, am getting sick and tired of having so FEW choices! If God with all his wisdom wanted us to be perfect why let a fallen angle tempt us with fruit and shit? Design us so we can't be tempted! That sounds smarter to me. Are we just some guys science project or game pieces? Well, that ticks me off!! I think that is why the elites are trying to usher in a new "Universal" religion because as humans get wise we just cannot accept that a perfect God would make so many blunders and would have so many bad habits and make us into slaves much as we are down here. I believe in a creator, I am not sure what he is about or why he created us (He/she who cares huh?), but I doubt any being with that much intelligence would have planned things so poorly. I think it is possible that we were created to see how well we would do and that we are all one with the creator, therefore, not ruled by any such being as that would be wrong IMHO. As the creator is free so are we. When we pass from this life we can make choices freely to return as a human or a fairy or a speck of dust. That is what I think. I love the creator as I love myself. Go ahead tell me I am on the highway to hell. I just don't think so.
  • DanielErline reply where is the video... all i get is a black screen
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