Ihwamun Ice Cream | MF Kraven Vlog (Taste Test/ Review)

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  • JustHypeVibe reply I need this icecream right now!! #mouthwatering
  • [ – ] sarah reply ah, I've been here! I got choco pie too and it tastes exactly like it! (choco pie is a korean snack) all their flavors are traditional korean flavors, so it's really unique (and tasty)!
    • [ – ] MFKraven parent reply i love Korean cuisine! i was wondering why i felt like ive tasted it before! i was that chubby kid always getting snack cakes from every store i came across. The Injeolmi was just divine tho, if you havent had it I highly recommend it!
      • [ – ] sarah parent reply i loooove injeolmi. it's rice cake with this like powder on it (not really sure what it's made of) but it's heckin' good. very popular as a dessert flavor! you should try it on shaved ice/snow *__*
        • MFKraven parent reply Korean Mochis basically right? OOH i think I have had it one drunken night in Koreatown at I Heart Boba haha, mmm now you have me wanting to go get something sweet lol
  • [ – ] mintteamew reply I would have to try each and every one! They looks so good!
    • MFKraven parent reply they really are delicious! count me in on that btw. tasting all flavors in an ice cream shop literally sounds like heaven lol
  • Rawman reply this ice cream looks amazing!! id love to go there
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