Five Count Friday Survial Games

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  • MikeTheMugger reply You can't forget the Indie crowd! Blue Bottle games has two fantastic titles; Neo Scavenger and Project Zombiod. Both of these are 16bit retro graphics games with a lot of love put in them from the creators. Neo Scavenger is a post-apoc survival game, with cyber-punk elements. It is a top-down, turn based, survival game with a rich crafting system and extra attention paid to status effects (tired, well rested, poisoned, food poisoning, bleeding, burnt etc etc). It has RPG elements, but you pretty much are stuck with the skills you choose in the beginning (mechanic, strong, Ranged, Melee, Trapping, Medic etc.). Although their are some mid-late game options to get cybernetic enhancements to your character. It does have a story, but I have never finished the arc (the game is fuking HARD). Also the modding community is one of the best I have encountered (maybe second only to Skyrim/Gmod). Perma-death (of course). Zombiod I'm less familiar with, played the demo, the crafting system here...more is a lot more fleshed out (see what i did there?). It is also a top down game, but it is not turn based, its an action game, and also has coop and vs modes. Again the community here is great. Check out Twiggy's twitch channel sometime, he usually streams coop on this.
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