Three CNN Journalists Resign Over Fake Russia Story Trump Celebrates Recent Wins

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply BREAKING NEWS: CLIMATE SCARE IS OVER! on YouTube watch?v=nLuBgZ1bgoY Lord Monckton: Trudeau Is An Idiot - Pushing Communist Carbon Tax on YouTube watch?v=qF2shfFFE5A Al Gore's Beachfront Property Proves Global Warming is a Lie Also David Suzuki co-owns BC island property with oil company
  • ClimatePonziLie reply ANOTHER CBS NEWS FAKE STORY DEBUNKED! MSNBC Host Calls For ISIS To Attack Trump 6-5-2017 Fake News 24/7/365 CNN Edition Is the CBC a propaganda machine? Mainstream Media Admits Mohammed Was A Paedophile
  • Common-Tater_follows_back reply what did you think of the whole george webb/acton situation from few weeks (days?) ago?
  • Common-Tater_follows_back reply haha nice vid, i still dont trust trump, and im not doubting his russian connections, exspecially with kushner in there...but i doubt they helped him win
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