I Cancelled My Voter Registration

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  • LAIDBACKMANNER reply I've been saying for awhile that if we referred to "the popular vote" as "The people's vote", that would actually resonate with the people. and in turn, wake up the less politically knowledgeable/involved one's that have don't know/care or have never questioned what the "the popular vote" means... b/c it obviously is not obvious to a lot of people. I think if it were obvious, there would be so much public outrage/outcry that the electoral college (which is funkin' bullshit in the first place) would be immediately dissolved. One more thing that has to happen before I ever vote for president or for congress ever again is that money must be taken out of politics (http://www.wolf-pac.com). It's b/c of money in politics that the United States government literally abandoned democracy and became an oligarchy. I do, however, still vote, but only on bills concerning my city and state (That aspect of the voting process actually is decided solely by the people.) his year, When it came to voting...more for the president and other people running for the house and senate I did a write-in vote... for Donald Duck. fuck the electoral college for taking the people's presidential vote and fuck money in politics for being the main cause of corruption and misrepresentation... so yeah, this doth maketh the endeth my rant... eth. Peace.
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