10 DUMBEST Ways to Die in Video Games

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  • Ms_K reply great video,I enjoyed it
  • HeZoKo reply great vid man
  • xCreativeNotion reply HEY MAN awesome video! come check me out when you get the chance!
  • moviemac reply Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City... Trying to rescue a NPC ally who decided to hump the burning wreckage... Can't complete the level without them, so you have to fire walk to reach them... Now, you can live and rescue them, but then they go right back over there and continue the fire humping...
  • SamEarl13 reply The dumbest way I've died in a game is walking straight into the fireplace in Tomb Raider 3 Mansion level. Also there is a small easter egg in Spiderman 2 (console version) if you purposely kill yourself in the tutorial without jumping off the building: Instead jump to the bottom of the building to lose health and repeat til dead, the narrator calls you out on it.
  • ShinyBigBoo reply Death by chicken is not how you want to die irl either! Can we expect more top x videos? This was fun!! I never knew about the giant golden chicken in GOW. Let's follow each other! I talk games too!!
  • StefanJenkins reply Nice Video The car packeg has got me a couple of times
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