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  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply NexoReviews, on your own channel, your comments are appearing as "possible spam." You might want to log out and see this page and check out if that's how it appears to you too. If it is, you may want to reach out to Vidme about why that's happening to you. Anyway your video is showing up as trending. Congrats.
  • RetroTech87 reply :D great video. I only ever got to play the final fantasy "side game" brave fencer musashi on psx console. Before that, only other RPGs I remember playing way back was mario RPG on SNES. Sega CD had one called "Revengers of vengeance" ...... I've always been on the sega side. Don't know much about Nintendo personally. It was a big gamer rivalry back then though. One of my older cousins had a NES console, we'd play a lot of Mario and Kirby on the cart games. "miss the old days" wish I could be back in them "retro wise"
  • The_Chatzu_Archive reply I first played FF1 on the ps1 around the time I did my demonstration video. Spent hours leveling up before Garland and it made him a pushover.
  • Animixx101TV reply I never play FF1 for the Nintendo. The 1st Final Fantasy game I have ever played was FF7. I also played FF6 which it was okay ( a little old for my style). I did heard mix reviews on FF14 but still looking forward playing it. Other than that great video and thank you for a couple of likes on my uploads :D
  • [ – ] LittleSakSoon reply Big fan of final fantasy. I started on final fantasy 7 and wasted 10 yrs on FF11. You speak wonderfully in your videos. Keep up the good work.
    • NexoReviews parent reply Thank you :D never played 11, looking forward to getting to that one, cos it'll involve lots of research (aka sitting on my ass and playing games) haha. Thank you for the support :D
  • [ – ] tageneislover reply Actually, I'm going to disagree with you with the design of the NES. I prefer the PAL/US version of the console. At the same time though, I prefer the PAL/NTSC-J version of the SNES from the American one. Yeah I know, this comment is a little unrelated with the video. Better mention something related. I like the style of this video. I followed you! Keep up with the good videos!
    • NexoReviews parent reply Hey, each to their own :) It's definitely a personal preference that i like the exterior design of the Famicom more!
  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply Huh, I had no idea about the bankruptcy.. I have always been a huge fan of Final Fantasy.., one of the first I've ever played..
  • Darchon_Vurasclii2 reply Great video once again, though a heathen such as myself had only started with FF7, but hey, spoilers!
  • [ – ] o_OFrosty_BrosO_o reply I like the first time and still liked it the second time around. Can't wait for the next one.
    • [ – ] NexoReviews parent reply Thanks for the support dude :D the 2nd one is very nearly done - but i should have a different video coming out before it. So keep and eye out, it'll be here within the next couple of weeks
  • NexoReviews reply *The UPDATED part starts around 6:26
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