Palm Tree Trimmers | Stoned Mode

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  • mr1van reply Also, that's pretty crazy how dangerous the job is. I never would have guessed it was so high up the list of jobs you're most likely to die in. Would love to say I'd do it, but I'd probably be afraid as all hell once I got up there and quit in a few minutes. I wonder what they do with what's left of the trimmings after being grinded. I'd imagine you could re-use that stuff for all kinds of things.
  • mr1van reply Cool to see you guys on Vid.Me! Love your content, and looking forward to your shit!
  • NvanzGaming reply That's crazy, I don't think I would choose to do that job.
  • EplxProductions reply Nope....not for me....your not getting me up there.
  • Crack_Stove reply damn they fuckin' died
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