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  • bobjenz reply Thanks so much for the Team Pick!
  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply Nice to meet you on Vidme Bob. Great video presentation. Seeing that mouth on the leg traumatized me. 😲 I wondered if was paid product placement with PDP getting a cut of sales but nothing of the sort is indicated in the NYT report (unless I missed it). They went with the "after teaming up with the publisher tinyBuild, it sent a demo version of Hello Neighbor to several thousand popular creators on YouTube and Twitch and invited them to make videos of themselves playing the game. If their viewers liked the game, they could download the demo for free as well" approach. I wonder though if the developer and/or tinyBuild inked any deal with PDP without disclosing it. In any case, way to go for them.
  • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames reply sometimes i think that if it wasn't for pewds and markiplier, the indie gaming industry wouldn't be doing so well. sometimes i get the games that they play. not all the time though. a lot of the all that the game has to offer is in their LP video.
    • [ – ] bobjenz parent reply Great freakin point - I mean if I were those guys I'd start my own gaming "label"
      • SharkPlaysGames parent reply I'm not sure that they can now. Not with Pewd's getting dragged through the mud a few months back. They were probably trying to do that with Revelmode.
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