Jesse Staple Removal, Gastroschisis!

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  • [ – ] TLSweet reply Had to keep my other half from going down to TEXAS. He didn't say anything today but I know it going to come up soon. AGAIN its not easy to talk him when he's on a roll. HA lol
  • [ – ] cmuhree reply I lost my first born child to Gastroschisis. He lived to be 3 1/3 months old. Although it’s not common to lose a child to this scenario, it happened to me, but my baby ended up having 9 surgeries, an with that being said, scar tissue formed from being opened & closed so many times, his body could no longer do it’s normal functions. His lungs filled with fluid , along with the rest of his body.. to this day, my son Bentley is the strongest human being I’ve ever known! ❤️😇 an the best guardian angel that I, & his siblings could ever have!!!
  • [ – ] Donmar reply Hi...I'm very interested in what happened to have it done again. My daughter was born with the same condition 19 years ago and we know very little about it...thanks from the U.K. 😊
    • [ – ] JohnGilmoreMD parent reply Any time a person has an abdominal operation, over time there can develop adhesions (scars) that require removal. It's also possible that some "shifting" of position of internal organs may occur and require adjustment.
  • [ – ] MrCods reply Dayum, thats one hell of a scar, chicks must love him, chicks love scars :P
  • [ – ] sherrya reply Came over here to watch the videos. Are you in any of the flooding
  • [ – ] artistpurple reply What a brave guy! Hope college goes well Jesse. I watched the news this evening, the devastation throughout Texas is heartbreaking. Hope you're all safe and well. Amanda
    • [ – ] JohnGilmoreMD parent reply Hi Amanda, Yes, we are doing fine. Clinic has been open and we've been taking care of sick folks. We are in a more fortunate area so flooding has not been a serious issue... except for getting to and from the office!
      • [ – ] artistpurple parent reply Really glad you're ok. Those poor people I saw on tv my heart went out to them.
        • [ – ] JohnGilmoreMD parent reply I don't have a boat or I would have helped with the rescues. We've been making donations of snacks and drinks for the 1st responders, clothes and quilts for the rescue centers/victims. There is going to be a lot of work to be done in the months and years to come.
          • artistpurple parent reply Bless you!!! It's going to be a very long time before normality returns. On the news article they interviewed a blind gentleman who also suffered seizures and his sister. The news reader had helped him to safety and to the hospital the day before. Today he was realised he said he was as well as he can be but both he and his sister were very angry no one had come to rescue them. Am such all the services were at breaking point.
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