Philosophy(ish) Ep. 2 - Family Matters

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  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Yeah, it all depends on what type of love we are talking about. I think there are different types of love. There is the big love that we can have for all people. By that I mean a feeling of understanding and acceptance of others as just people, not for what they know, how they behave, what they've accomplished, what they've failed at or any other such measurement. They are a part of the Creator and that makes them valuable for who and what they are. Then there's the type of love we have based on qualifiers. If they are nice to me, then I will give them some attention. If they behave like I think they should, then I will talk to them and send them a birthday card. I think we are all freewill beings, so we get to choose who gets our attention. Some people are not on the same page as us, so we exclude them from our interactions. These people may feel toxic to us and lower our quality of life being around them. How can we be happy if we feel burdened by such people? Isn't it important to b...moree happy? Don't we make the world a better place if we feel happy? Is love and attention the same thing? Can we love someone as a valuable part of the Creator and avoid giving them much attention? Sure. Why not?
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