#18 - How I Became MGTOW Pt 2 (Thailand Divorce, Move to Cambodia)

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  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply Hey Expat.... Where the hell is MGTOW 101? He's on Vidme, but it's like he's not even trying. Angry MGTOW seems to be the only big MGTOW channel that is kicking ass on this platform.
    • [ – ] MGTOW-Expat parent reply Idk, but fucking youtube is going down baby! I hope minds.com is the one to crush their ass! Google has mismanaged that shit so badly. I will be a lot more active after I make my big Comeback Special starting in August. Got a lot of new content coming and I will be releasing it on every platform!
      • GoMGTOW parent reply Roger that! I've been monitoring the community since I got here. Lot of the guys are still cucking around on YT for one reason or another... I'm doing my best to pave the way for them on this platform, it's only a matter of time before YT goes dark! I'm having problems on Minds.com can't up load anything for some reason? So for now I'm stuck here. I'll keep an eye out for that comeback and have updates on other MGTOW channels as they arrive! Stay true brother! o7
  • [ – ] Sebastian_Dangerfield reply Leaving every 90 days would be a huge pain in the ass. Initially, many people might think, "Well, it's only once every 3 months...No big deal." But that would cost money and time traveling for such a bullshit reason.
    • MGTOW-Expat parent reply Yep! The visa runs in Thailand are a massive pain in the ass. And I never had money for traveling, so it was an unpleasant experience of going over the border for no reason whatsoever & coming directly back in and going home again, because I had no money to go do anything.
  • [ – ] Sebastian_Dangerfield reply Did you ever come across that American dude in Cambodia that goes by No Joke Howard on YouTube? Holy Fuck - what a train wreck. Apparently he fled Cambodia a month or so ago, for unknown reasons.
    • [ – ] MGTOW-Expat parent reply Yes I know that fucking shitbag. Never want to see him again.
      • [ – ] Sebastian_Dangerfield parent reply I watch a lot of different expat videos from people based in Thailand, Japan, etc., and came across his channel. I took a look at his channel a few days ago after not watching his videos for several months and so was surprised to see that he suddenly left and is now back in the US. He must have pissed a lot of people off to leave so suddenly like that.
        • [ – ] MGTOW-Expat parent reply He almost died because of his hardcore drug addiction and was very suicidal. Also owed a bunch of money to his drug dealer & this bullshit art show he put on was a massive failure. Time came to get a new visa and he couldn't afford it. And his drug addict whore mommy could also see he was headed for death - so that bitch made the decision to get him out of there. Now he's still in denial, running from his problems, not willing to work for an honest living, and he thinks he's already over his drug addiction. But he has not dealt with his issues and is not willing to, wants to keep running away and escaping reality. I met him and I know him from watching... his life is ruled by Strong Insecurity. He is constantly putting on a false front and trying to play an image, but he is 100% full of shit. There is nothing strong about him. He is a pure bitch.
          • [ – ] Sebastian_Dangerfield parent reply Yeah, I can see what you're talking about and noticed when I first watched his videos that he was overcompensating - short man syndrome, maybe. Now he says he's thinking about moving to South America. If he gets involved in with drugs in South America, and behaves the same way he did in Cambodia, he's looking to get killed.
            • MGTOW-Expat parent reply Exactly. You should take a look at the long comment I left on video actually. The only time I've ever commented & I really tore his ass up - lol
  • [ – ] Sebastian_Dangerfield reply - 13:40 Yes, women are the same the world over. Many men back in Canada, UK, Australia and the U.S. mistakenly believe that women are somehow different or "better" in, for example, Asia. That is complete and utter bullshit. Female nature is the same across cultures. It's just more unleashed in Western societies that have become more feminized in the last 60 years.
    • MGTOW-Expat parent reply They are actually vastly better in SE Asia, because they're still women. Not trying to pretend to be men & not as infected with feminism. But on the basic level, their essential nature is the exact same. And there is nowhere in the world now you can have a happy relationship with a woman. But yes - they are Way better here! And I don't mean China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. I mean Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam.
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