YouTube Are Liberal Faggots - HERE IS THE DEAL…

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  • DerKratz reply Wolverine - youtube management are the enemy. This really is a war for minds. Your reportage of government behavior has always been top notch.
  • HARMARSCH reply YouTube went to shit when they went corporate by being bought by Google and now Alphabet Inc.
  • [ – ] Vallhalla61 reply What can I say? I think that you are being targeted. Your frustration is justified 100%! You know I am a long-time supporter of everything you do for us,and I would hate like hell to see these youtube scumbags,as well as the asshole trolls win. Thanks to you,I know so much more about politics...AND...the best part is I don't worry about fact-checking you! You know what you are talking about,you get it right and I can count on your information to use to correct other folks that have got it wrong! It may brighten your day just a little to know that I have been blocked from commenting on a few youtube channels because of you,and I have found myself getting my share of hate mail! You take pride in what you do,and I think that's rare. I will look forward to seeing you put out a blog,I will support what you do for US....information is power,and you have given me enough information to help me figure out WTF is going on in the slimy world of politics! Thanks! Oh,and here is a tip...dont show a...morenything from the floor of congress,senate, some stock footage of car crashes...pretty much the same thing,and your views will go up by 10000% ! LOL
    • [ – ] RURdy4It parent reply You have been banned from other channels because of me? LOL
      • [ – ] Vallhalla61 parent reply Not banned,but my comments on other youtube channels have been deleted very quickly! LMAO. I have gone so far as to provide links to your videos on other channels when I come across something that other people get so completely wrong,that it is easier to provide a link rather than try to explain. That gets deleted as well. Needless to say,I have dropped my subscriptions to those channels. I do drop by once in a while to mess with them,and provide a link to your channel.
  • freerangehobo reply Good move! Spread the word. rules!
  • SouthernBelle reply YOU. DEFEATED???? When you are feeling defeated, walk away from the computer for a minute, make a great primal scream, eat some chocolate, take a deep breath, and get back in the fight. !!!!!
  • SouthernBelle reply I will try to follow you on one of your other sources,,,, hang in there sweet pea!
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