Two Timber Follow-Ups, Granulation Ensues.

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  • [ – ] cmillett reply Timber did great!!! Fast healing. Wait till gator gets a puncher would and you wrap her up like a burrito with a towel so she won’t get u and u squirt the ointment down in the whole. Same thing as packing.
  • [ – ] Boohgey1 reply That’s nice you are allowing the girls to help... hands on is the best form of education... Docs like you are losing their bedside or table side manor! πŸ˜·πŸ˜„
    • JohnGilmoreMD parent reply There are a lot of pressures on physicians to reduce time with each patient. It's unfortunate because the physician-patient relationship is a beautiful thing.
  • Dianehummel reply Getting audio from two different procedures.Than Timber came back on and started again.Then video went smooth from there . I've had several stomach operations with complications which caused large wounds in need of packing ,which I did myself .Had to use curlex gause wetted with danken solution .You could see my uterus on the bottom hole and mucle liner on the top hole .No fun ,but I managed okay . I'll stay in touch . Chicago NaNa πŸ‘΅πŸ’ž Smile
  • jpbaugh reply Good job Gumby!
  • tnebert reply Mmm, granulation...shiny...
  • Gothforlife reply Way to go Gumby-Jean, you're good!! Love the eye socket reference and lips, lol. I'm going to remember to ask for lidocaine if I'm ever in that situation. Thanks.
  • marysaleh reply Great job Gumby Jean! Love your name!!
  • tjfreader reply Thanks for the picture of Gumby-Jean. Always nice to see who we hear in the video. And hearing Gator purring. That's one happy little kitten right there.
  • [ – ] artistpurple reply Great video, timber is healing fast! How long will the wound take to heal over? Little gater is a cutie. Full of character. Watch those teeth and nails doc lol
    • [ – ] JohnGilmoreMD parent reply Hi Amanda, It should take 2-3 weeks to fully heal. Gator is a riot! He's so much fun...
      • [ – ] artistpurple parent reply Wow that’s fast! I love the way you put lidocaine in the wound. Here in the uk we don’t do it. As I have said before I have had two nasty cysts. Each time it was like you said β€œtake a deep breath...” unless you have gone through it no one can tell you how awful that pain is. I had to have an operation for the first one and Six hours!! After coming back from theatre the surgeon had left a note on my records he wanted the packing changing. No pain relief no lidocaine nothing but a very heartfelt apology from the nurse before she did it!!! Am a touch cookie! However I am not ashamed to say I screamed the ward down and I mean screamed. That poor nurse she must of felt awful. I wish all Drs had the lidocaine trick in there training. Forgot to say in my last post. WELL DONE GUMBY !!! Awesome job sweetheart.
        • JohnGilmoreMD parent reply If my videos count for anything in posterity I hope it's that docs can do better to make the experience something less than frightening. I know there are many docs out there that understand this but unfortunately many do not.
  • [ – ] PenelopeGarcia65 reply Great job Gumby! I have fallen in love with lil Gator.......his motor really runs!
  • cmillett reply I love kitty noices
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