Sorry for no Video Today as Yet? Would you like a Shoutout In my Next Welcome Wed Vidizens Video Find Out How In This Video

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  • [ – ] Eviscerator_MK2 reply Looking forward to your 200 follower special thing as they say you can't rush perfection also good luck to all the people competing in that who can guess the voice first when it comes out thing.:-)
    • [ – ] FireRam parent reply 200 Special is just geting upload now!!@
      • [ – ] Eviscerator_MK2 parent reply Epic I shall not be involved as I'm semi positive you may have told me who the voice was & well I'd hate to win because I cheated lol & I'm curious to see how fast they figure it out (If it's not within the first 10mins of it going up I'm going to be disappointed.).:-)
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