Me Singing Man In The Box By Alice 'N Chains with Layne Staley

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  • David_Jeffrey_Spetch reply Me Singing Man In The Box By Alice 'N Chains With Layne Staley Even Jesus Christ like every other religious person on the planet denies their maker and instead attempts to attribute that to a factually proven foundation of religious lies. Even for the most intelligent thing to first come into existence let alone develop an intelligence to be able to re create anything it takes everythings maker which is quite simply and endless duration of constant change of energy matter and time re creating energy and matter. To Blow your mind, come watch one of my new brilliant releases at 12 minutes and 43 seconds in length titled "How To Defeat Globalists 101 Global Wake Up Call" which is the real deal and further explains the facts I previously mentioned within this paragraph more thoroughly and here is the link to take you directly to it. As for this video, it has been a while since I sang anything until I started screwing around this past week. I us...moree to nail this one to a T, but didn't do too bad here so I hope you enjoy and remember religion is the scum of the Earth and everyone's enemy. Layne Staley the lead singer of Alice 'N'Chains when this song was created was very talented and sad to see him leave us so very long ago. He sure could wale. love Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist David Jeffrey Spetch Ps. Be good, be strong! Hamilton Ontario Canada
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