Denial of Gender Reality: The Path to Communism

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  • Kekerinos reply a wise man once said: there's 2 genders. the others are mental illnesses. we can't even teach sex properly. and we've already advanced to genders.
  • Artalive01 reply Very sad to hear that we are trying to deny reality because it hurts someone's feelings. But more importantly that we can't seem to speak out about such things without a wave of extreme hate.
  • [ – ] Shimeran reply Weirdly enough, the whole "purple penguins" sentence already contains the gender neutral term "kids", which is actually shorter than "boys and girls" anyway. Not seeing why special terms are needed.
  • [ – ] Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply SJW are the snake oil salesmen of the 21th century. I miss the times where we could just lead them to the gallows.
    • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish parent reply I'm offended by that comment! It is true but I am the original SJW. It happens to be the initials to my name. (The Goyim Know). Good comment by you.
      • Victor_von_Doom_Jr parent reply You're quite old then. William Godwin coined the term in 1793 in his book "Enquiry Concerning Political Justice and its Influence on Morals and Happiness". Maybe we should use the term TLM? "Twitter Lynch Mob" sounds more honest to me. ;)
  • Muddywaters reply Well from where I sit it seems clear there is an overarching agenda in action clearly directed at the western world and it is being instigated through the retarded to enslave the majority. Once control is gained all this crap and those promoting / supporting it will be the first to be eliminated by the same ones who are pushing it using the excuse it is a western sickness. Talk about blind stupidity.
  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply Both Corbyn and May support the lunacy of allowing people to self-identify as a different gender. When are people going to realise that there's no difference between the political parties? They talk disagreements, but their actions say different.
    • RhinocerosUnicornis parent reply While I agree that Theresa May has much to be desired, I think that Corbyn is even worse.
    • [ – ] RhinocerosUnicornis parent reply In the last election I voted for Theresa May with a heavy heart. Now it appears that she is worse than I thought.
      • Politics_N_Games parent reply I didn't vote because I know they're all on the same team. The last election was about stopping Brexit. Also, all three of the big EU countries are having elections this year. I have a feeling that once Germany's election is out of the way, the rate of mass immigration will increase dramatically. And it'll be too late for voters to do anything about it.
  • Artalive01 reply Great to see Jordan Peterson IS one of the people who's voice has spoken soo loud about the subject. Anyhow good to hear from you as always. I need to get my lazy ass back to doing political videos again plenty to talk about since my last one.
  • YellowNakji reply 2 Genders. That is all.
  • [ – ] gamblebun reply I guess the only answer is for everyone to change their gender legally, exploding the bureaucracy that tries to follow this and additionally having the other effect that women won't need to worry about undressing in from of men, because all women will legally be men and will therefore be using the other facilities. The only way to respond to nonsense of this kind is to embrace the lunacy and destroy it by subverting it.
    • mistrx parent reply Good idea! I would do similar thing in sports - I'd demand to get rid of separate categories (as men and women are " the same "-feminist say) and let all compete together. since there will be no female winner in 99% of sports (except gymnastics etc) women will be pissed of and demand the separate categories to be reinstated. thus, religion of equality defeated. and we'd have fun in the process :)
  • [ – ] G3data reply If gender is everything, then gender is nothing.
    • [ – ] Afkcorgi parent reply I don't believe that there is a perfect ideology or a magical solution to everything. I simply believe that the means of production and redistribution should belong to the workers, not to private investors.
  • TigrisNigris reply Good to see you back!
  • GeorgeEnglish reply The Left? Like multiple genders it is make believe. It's easy to lead fools down the garden path (The Goyim Know). Þancie þē
  • [ – ] vanners reply I don't get how anyone can buy into this unreality. Why aren't the majority pushing back at this insanity?
    • Muddywaters parent reply You know I wondered this to but then realised many don't even perceive it, so lost have they become in a sea of mind numbing media sound bites, film propaganda and advertising it's all static noise that subtly perverts. It slips by until it smacks them in the face directly. I liked Bill Hicks thoughts on advertising, if you don't know them look them up on youtub while they are still there.
  • [ – ] jasonlee3071 reply Reminds me of an Ayn Rand novel I once read. In one scene described all the ballet dancers had to wear lead weights on their clothing to weigh it down. So no one will dance more gracefully than the others. Everyone had to be on the same equal platform.
    • vanners parent reply I read that story in a sci fi short story anthology, I was livid when I read it, it was so unjust! I was going to bring it up too - then I realised that the nut jobs who are messing up our society and abusing children like in this video would probably think that story was utopian. That's pretty messed up.
  • RomWatt reply Yeah we all know the Russians implemented communism in their country because of cisgender people. LOL
  • ArbiterAbaddon reply This is fucking sick. What's next, ban biology?
  • spookyboo reply It's common sense. When you take away individuality you get the collective.
  • ToastersForever reply Thanks for this. Very interesting and informative.
  • bononoz1 reply There are people who really do have gender identity problems but there are so many fucking hipsters that are just acting this way and I find it grossly offensive.
  • Cardboard_Warrior reply Nice to know Club Penguin is becoming real.
  • TheCollectorX reply is funny since Communist China acknowledges gender differences
  • DiscoProJoe reply Sounds like Big Pharma must be the ones lobbying for mandatory hormone replacement drugs. Those drugs have got to be just ***incredibly unhealthy***, not to mention super expensive. There's nothing wrong with being transgendered, but there's a plethora of healthier alternatives to these terrible drugs that transgendered people can choose. Examples include electrolysis on one's face, neck and chest; training one's voice to sing alto, speak alto, and sound like a woman; padded bras; and of course, one can still get the sex-change operation. There's no written rule that says that one can't express their body's natural testosterone in a feminine way if that's how they feel comfortable. Anyway, I bet these unhealthy hormone drugs are one of -- if not *the* -- biggest reason for mental health disorders in transgendered people. Messing up your natural body chemistry and brain chemistry with these drugs has just *got* to cause depression, anxiety, heart disease, cancer, and who knows what else...more. No wonder Big Pharma loves it.
  • CitizenShane reply This is what happens. The feminists push all their white male counterparts away to the point, that nature has to intervene with some crazy contrivance that now makes it possible for "females" to have sex with other (legitimate) females... The very construct of "gender" inherent in the term "feminism," is being undermined by their movement's decision to include "trans-people" in the cause. Not only that, but those males are going to need a hole to put their pee-pees in, so this nonsensical insanity serves to fill that void as well. That's why they're called "trans-people" - they're in the middle. Mark my words - we're going to be seeing a spate of rape-incidents in women's shower-rooms, locker-rooms, and bathrooms, once this movement reaches a crescendo. Since the feminists won't VOLUNTARILY breed with their mature male-counterparts, as Malcolm would say in Jurassic Park, "nature will find a way..."
  • Luppip reply There are going to be a lot of confused kids when they grow up.
  • freerangehobo reply Part of the swamp has spilled over into the universities which has spawned a generation of pussies who would never be able to survive on their own. If we're going to demand the swamp be drained, be sure to include the Marxist professors, social engineers, and teachers who are so dumbed down by this combined cabal of global strategists, that reason and intellect has been reassigned to the primates. Humanity may have reached the brink, at least as far as the upcoming generation is concerned. If it is to be that they will rule the world after the demise of their rational predecessors, then all bets are off.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply So a lady sued the school board for giving her son female hormone treatment and lost? #SJWdelusionsyndrome
  • jroseland reply I am a bird That’s right! I identify as a fair feathered fowl and it’s your job to compliment my plumage, like other birds I also Tweet. You may look at my photo and say… Clearly you are a slender man. You don’t look like a bird! You may say… Can you fly? Do you lay eggs? Can you do any of things that birds do? You may even say… Jonathan I can prove with science that you’re not a bird! If you do a 23 and Me genotyping test it will clearly show that you’re a human male and not a bird. You may even say… Isn’t it pretty unfair of you to real birds to claim to be bird? Other birds have lived their entire lives struggling with the unique challenges that birds face. It seems quiet likely that you are claiming to be a bird just as a petty ruse for attention. You may say… Did you hatch you from an egg? All the other birds I’ve ever seen or heard of hatched from from an egg. Also, this is the first time you’ve ever identified as a bird — all the other birds...more I know have always been birds, they hatched as birds. They didn’t decide on random whim to become birds. To all of these hateful arguments, there’s one way I’ll respond, shrieking… You fucking bigot! If I identify as a bird who the fuck are you to deny my birdness!
  • RenardClassique reply I'm a neo communist but I completely agree with you except for the part that you put us comrades down, other than that o agreee
  • blazedu reply I'll be very VERY careful when i have my kids about their education. I will not allow these nutcases to indoctrinate them. And i'm not even in a communist-to-be country like canada. But this shit can spread and become wildly accepted. How do we even argue with someone that is denying reality to begin with?
  • [ – ] Afkcorgi reply I would like to make a few points: 1. How is allowing free expression a form of oppression? With the exception of a few nutcases, no one is forcing their child to transition. Society is simply growing more open to allowing people to be who they truly are. Just because they are gaining more rights doesn't mean that you are losing any. Transgender people expressing themselves freely should not be able to hurt you in any way. 2. Capitalism isn't the perfect and just system that you imagine it to be. Other than the occasional rags-to-riches story, it is a fixed hierarchy where people are forced to do most of the work to receive the scraps of what the highest-ranking members of the company (who often do little or none of the actual labor) are earning. 3. Cultural Marxism is not an actual thing, but actually based off pieces of Nazi Propaganda that falsely claim that the Jews were behind the rise of Communism. 4. The people who are truly exploiting the emotions of the LGBTQ+ community are...more not communists, but cutthroat capitalists like the Democratic Party and several large companies & organizations (i.e. Netflix, PETA, and Tumblr, to name a few, have basically turned LGBTQ+ support into a marketing ploy). 5. Most Idpol fanatics are not real Leftists, nor do most actual Leftists carry an Idpol fetish. I browse /leftypol/ quite frequently, and there are many people on there who think that transgender people are doing live-action role play. 6. Even if nonbinaries were just making this stuff up for attention (which the vast majority are probably not), we should still let them express themselves freely. They themselves do no tangible harm to our society and simply want to be accepted. If they choose to come out as who they truly are, the only person that could be legitimately harmed is themselves. Thank you for your time.
    • [ – ] vanners parent reply If Weird Al listened to you he could write another 15 verses to his song "Everything you know is wrong", because about the only time you touch reality is: capitalism is imperfect. Yes it is, but even then, it's better than any "ism" based on Marxist dogma, so what is your point? Now, it doesn't matter to me if you believe the tripe you just spewed, or if you are just trolling, what concerns me is when people with power start enacting laws based on this junk - so I'm going to push back and tell anyone who cares to read your post that your emperor is naked.
      • [ – ] Afkcorgi parent reply I don't believe in a perfect system or a magical solution to every problem. I simply believe that the workers should control the means of production and redistribution, not a private investor who just happens to own the factory or the farm.
        • SCP-079 parent reply Nobody just happens to own a factory or a farm they have either risked their own money, or the money of others who lent him money expecting returns (stockholders), to start his business , or they bought or inherited
  • taiali23 reply good to see you back :)
  • [ – ] Voight reply The "gender is a spectrum" thing. I assume this is talking about character traits rather than genitalia (this person has 50% of a penis and 50% of a vagina therefore they're halfway on the gender spectrum). If it's talking about character traits and there's a spectrum, which character traits are male and which are female? Would aggression be male or female? Is a person with 100% aggression 100% male? And someone with no aggression a female? And if you have 20% aggression then you're 20% male and 80% female? I would just like to know which character traits they are saying are male and which are female, and how they decided, and how they are measuring the degrees of these charater traits in people. Because so far "gender is a spectrum" is making no sense to me.
    • Afkcorgi parent reply I think that the issue here is that people are directly correlating sex and gender with each other (which is an accurate assumption 99.99% of the time, but often not in the case of nonbinaries), whereas sex is based on anatomy and gender is more rooted in psychology and societal structures. However, given that people often use the same words for different things, it makes sense how there are so many people who are expressing xenophobic views, believing that they are a voice for reason.
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