I'm a Tren Addict That Doesn't Even Lift

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  • Lonecomplex reply Odds of someone saying that to someone's face IRL: Near Zero But that's what the internet and anonymity does - it allows people to throw stones without having to be responsible for it. Most people wouldn't own what they say online because they fear the repercussions of what they'd say. In some ways that's empowering because it allows how people truly feel to be expressed, but in others it creates a lot of abuse. Just continues to reinforce that fitness is a personal journey that is walked alone. No one's in the gym day after day after day putting the work in, or in the kitchen stuffing their face with shit they don't always want to eat. Expecting people to understand what it means to do those kinds of things without them having put in the effort - it's just a long shot at best.
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