20 things I learned in 20 years

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  • Auceza reply CA is a Leftie shithole. :-D
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply 127 things I've learnt in 127 years. 1. The Giant Over Mind is always watching. 2. Nano Bots wont let me die 3. Being alone in the apocalypse kinda sucks 4-126. See number 3. 127. No matter what happens, in the end, everyone will turn to dust.
    • [ – ] Dos_Gaming parent reply 128. That also means no matter if they are Ugly or Hot. They too will also turn to dust when the end comes.
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply I always wondered why your time traveling involved a lowly retro pixelated cybernetics analyst equipped with nowhere greater weaponry than his mundane reactions in a dystopia.
        • Dos_Gaming parent reply 1. We don't have cameras in the future because we went past that but all that tec is mostly destroyed. So I have to show my situation in the best way possible through my bad pixel art. But be aware everything I show is a factual representation. 2. The Giant Overmind got rid of most weapons and I have no need for them as there is 0 foes because everyone is dead but me.
  • AeronJames reply Hope you had a lovely birthday! Loved your vlog style!
  • SurfersSelfies reply HAPPY BDAY :P and awww ur cats so cute lol
  • NickOfTime reply I've never done an Escape Room! Any tips??
  • [ – ] antnylopz reply You've learned nothing in 20 years. Go watch Jordan B. Peterson's lectures on Youtube and sort yourself out, woman.
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