Why Watch Seasonal Anime

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I think they is something special that you get from watching seasonal anime week by week. First is that the pacing is going to be more challenging than marathoning a series in a few days. This also allows for speculation with other anime fans about what is happening right now and what may happen in the coming weeks. Secondly is watching with friends. When you have friends into anime you're probably not all watching the same stuff because we all have different tastes and watch at different speed tolerances. Some people can spend twelve hours or more watching a show and others just a couple episodes before bed. With seasonal anime it guides people to be on the same track and enjoy it together. I think if everything was released in batches like on Netflix there would be a sense of community that would go missing.
    • RSNAnime parent reply You bring up a very interesting point that I kind of intentionally overlooked since most of the shows I really enjoy, I only watch after the season had ended. But I think the fact that the community has a whole is getting the new episode weekly does provide a sort of cohesiveness to the community, even for those who don't watch things weekly. Thanks as always for the comment and the support.
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