Why SCIENCE is NOT the New Irrational RELIGION . . .

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  • [ – ] undeadbabydragon reply His hair looks like angel hair pasta...
  • MrMehawk reply This was a fantastic take-down, TJ. One of your recent best. You went deep enough to show you understand the subject matter better than he ever could but stayed true to your own style at the same time.
  • gridsleep reply Science does not need you to believe in it. Faith is not a requisite. Ignore science and the universe will kill you. It's that simple. And, isn't responding to a David Bowie wanna-be existentialist lends legitimacy to his meandering vagaries?
  • bxcope reply oh good, I can have my pets poop on them, awesome
  • DrCut reply I love American people! :)
  • juanesmit02 reply TJ my men, this is the rare occasion in wich I mostly disagree with you. Problem here is we think of science as one solid entity, very united, respectable and solid; wich it isnt. Today MAINSTREAM SCIENCE has become prejudiced, egotistical and bullist; what once it resolved by logic and reason is now addressed with pr, ridicule and silence. It isnt just against the public but its own people, scientists forced and coerced to follow a path and a line of investigation, and not just in one or two occations, its become a practice like an initiation to compromise novel scientists to FOLLOW a path and dont deviate. I could paste here many cases but anyone can google non mainstream science and find many. Sad thing here is SCIENCE has become as intolerant as RELIGION, forgetting its own origens are watered with the blood of hundreds of investigators going against the MAINSTREAM knowledge, as crazy as it sounds, science as an institution is behaving as a religion. Carl Sagan said so himself, sci...moreence is the new religion and scientists are its prophets, he said much more but this shows what this old stale intolerant modern scientists think of themsves and us. Science is vast, we see and touch only a small part called applied science wich is solid and reliable and less durable apparently. So thinking of all science as we think of the applied part is not just nahive but also dangerous. Lets end it here, good luck.
  • Idlemind reply Your make-up kinda reminded me ir Turmion Kätilöt's.
  • gridsleep reply I've never been a fan of Pokemon. I was in my forties when Digimon came out and Digimon is better than Pokemon.
  • gridsleep reply Bernie is a New Deal Democrat.
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