The Occult, Video 24: The Inner Earth

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  • Lutenist reply On this topic I like to add that Isaac Beeckman (1588-1637) wrote in his diary (Middelburg, Zeeuwsche Bibliotheek, ms. no. 6471, 265v.) about a certain man from Gorcum (Gorinchem) called Balthasar Jacobsz. Van der Vinne. This man believed the Earth was hollow, although about two miles thick with water and earth. People lived on the inside of the Earth too, together with their own inner sun. They would not be pulled towards the centre because matter was allegedly pushed outwards from this centre towards the circumference. The Earth would have been 'open' at two points allowing the inner and outer water to flow. When the moon passed by these points it would pull and push the water. He also believed all the stars were once worlds like ours, but they were 'clarified' at some point, which will also happen to our world. God made new worlds all the time, too. This guy had quite some other intersting beliefs, including that he could heal any disease through his mastery of cabala. Give me...more a msg if you want to know more.
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