The Biggest Problems on VidMe

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  • Jimthethird reply Your last point is something I see as well. Sharing to minds directly from here would be useful as well.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply 1) You can edit each of the videos content after the video has finished processing by going to your profile > Click edit videos > click the horizontal three dots > then click Edit video. 2) this is an issue with most, if not all, social media sites. I just link to my social media accounts from other places and on the main profile page as well as adding them to my profile description. Minds, also would need to add to their side as well. 3) I'm not a Youtube Content creator or a Patreon-enabled content donator, so I have no opinion on these two points. 4) As far as the "Recommendations" go, most of that is based on proprietary algorithms that is inherit to Youtube and Google. would need to create their own which would need to include more engineers and more VC's and Angel Investors. 5) I never really visit the Trending page or the Featured creators. I usually stay within the New, Following, and Community / Category tabs for right now. Good vid to spot your "bitch"ing...more.
    • Bitchspot parent reply 1. You can do that, but the space is very limited and frankly, you shouldn't have to go back, it should be available as you're setting up the rest of your video, as YouTube does it. 2. Most social media sites allow auto-posting. There are endless free apps for Wordpress, for instance, that let you auto-post to every social media site under the sun. Now Minds is new so I can understand that people haven't written code for it yet, but considering the kind of audience that both VidMe and Minds share, that should be a high priority. 4. You have to spend money to make money. If VidMe wants to compete head-to-head with YouTube, they have to have a platform that is at least as good as, maybe even better than YouTube. That's just how business works. 5. The VidMe home page gives you all of the trending/subscribing/community tabs. That's just a tiny percentage of what's actually being uploaded, at least I hope so. Some of those categories don't change at all for hours or even days on...more end.
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