This is How the Powers-That-Be Get the Masses to Believe this is Real...and It's NOT!!

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  • [ – ] MightyMediocreMan reply Hey Brian, I'm a proud owner of 'wrestling hair' as well, looks almost identical to yours, good sense in style! I think I remember a time when wrestling was real,....or was it? Was gubbermint ever real. Does anyone pride reality anymore? This comment is fake, but more real than fake news.
  • [ – ] olbenkenobi reply Can't argue with any of that, except to say, this isn't only America's problem. The globalist regime has a stranglehold on the entire planet. Will the masses wake up, only when it's too late?
  • [ – ] Global_Surveyor reply Always on the money . Thanks again for giving me brain food .
  • [ – ] DieNetaDie reply Even Trump? With all that is happening to him? Have some hope (sorry no logic just hope).
    • [ – ] HighImpactFlix parent reply I have hope...that's why I haven't doubled down on him as I could have since he's not the prez yet....but come on! a Goldman Sach pawn for the Treasury? That's a dead giveaway for the same ole song and dance. Thoughts?
      • DieNetaDie parent reply My thoughts are this, politicians sells out their principles and the people while corporations are just paying bribes to make it easier for them to earn money. I am not saying that corporations are good just that sellout politicians are worse, does not matter which political idea they say they follow. And these people are smart people who get things done. Him and the Exon guy, they have been bribing people all over the world to get things done for their employers no one can doubt that, but now the US Government employs them. Maybe Trump will use their skills in a way you find positive. At least these guys have gotten things done instead of politicians. If Trump limits the terms of political posts this will have a huge impact worldwide and we would not have to be saddled with professional politicians (mostly people who have mostly never worked for wages but started being politicians from their college life who if they not in office get by by influence peddling). If he starts locking up ...morepowerful political people that will also have a huge influence worldwide. We can only wait and hope I guess.
  • strodtbeckr reply Seeing this again makes me wonder if all the controversy since the election is staging. The only thing I want to say is PEACE WITH RUSSIA!!! I really don't care what comes of our government, I just don't want to see a war that will empower the political system further.
  • jeff_l reply I voted for the greater of all evils........ myself!
  • buj_moose reply When the picture with the Man holding the gun on you with the caption "relax, it's for the roads" I can't help but think the caption should read, "Relax, It's for the CHILDREN"
  • [ – ] DieNetaDie reply Sorry Brian but not watching you on youtube anymore cos to comment there would be to be just one comment among (so many thousands by the time i get to watch it) but here you replied to me and asked me a question (i replied by the way) PLS I am a long haired wrestling fan also (from Nepal hope you visit).
  • [ – ] Ernst reply AMAZING! That is exactly what I was thinking when I wrote my WWF comment on the other video. But now expand on this. No, one step back first. Have a look at Disney Family movies, it is very easy to find a common theme in these. Below average shy boy, gets some world-saving all important role, fails at first attempt, gives up, gets inspired again and wins. Similar line is in the WWF games. Good guy, bad guy, bad guy wins first, good guy recovers and in the grand finale he almost loses but then at the very last moment the table turns and he wins. In politics over the last few decades we have seen the bad guy destroying all we believed in and setting up an Orwellian situation. Right now the table is turning. Obama's birth certificate is such a childish fake, it HAD to be found out. Hillary is such an evil witch it HAD to get through. 9/11 is such an obvious fake, that too will become known soon... etc... etc... We are in the grand finale and perhaps something will pop up to make it look l...moreike Obama/Hillary wins to infuriate the masses and then Trump will deliver a deathblow and win. He will be hailed as the saviour and everyone will follow him into ... utter slavery.
    • Ernst parent reply I forgot to mention: with the Hulk vs Giant match, you see a colourful (red/gold), all American, agile good guy and a black, flintstone costume wearing, clumsy bad guy. For me it is not difficult to see a USA vs USSR in this, for that is also how the USSR is portrayed in the Western media; clumsy, out-dated, colourless, deriving its power only from its size... Tell me, what you guys think.
  • 1Source reply I agree with everything you say, although I believe Trump is an exception,we can only know if Hillary goes to the pokey. If She gets off the hook we will know that he is just a puppet. Also with everyone against him even his own party I'm betting he's on the up and up! Time will tell.
  • Brian_Griffin reply Something nice...
  • SonoPlays reply Did Macho Man come back to life?
  • DuesX187 reply I posted this on Reddit and it was removed lol wtf
  • JungleJape reply Good analogy except this analogy says the election was rigged, Hillary wanted to be first female president for real. This video is an opinion piece of course.
  • RedPillPusher reply One of the best videos in reference to the controlling Elites.
  • Hersong17 reply When the people running for government have lost the virtue it takes to be of good service, the people do not win. In the book by Eric Metaxas "If You Can Keep It" he explains this. We had better pray we wake up and pay attention to those that are not playing! The truth is, islam is taking advantage of our naivety and we need our "leaders" to wake the hell up to it and stop them. John Guandolo has great info on this. He was former FBI. Check it out. God bless. Oh yeah, Get 'em Trump! ;)
  • HighImpactFlix reply @FaBon Thank you so much!
  • Defender7707 reply Snap into a HighImpactFlix! Oooooyeah!
  • Sharefree2013 reply not true trump was against republics and democrsts
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