Why Slang SUCKS!

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  • yourvagismysafespace reply Yo dawg y u hatin'? Jus cause u ain't down wit it ain't no reazin fo u to disrespecting does of us who gets​ it. You racis' af days watt it be, u Kno Damm well day mos slang be comin straight out da jails & prisons & shit. Where we be habbin to makes up wurds & changing deir meanins so does COs ain't in on watts we be saying & shit. Fukk you you cracker ass racis' cracker, slang is just da white man's word for ebonics dat u stoles from da blakkman & kept. U all be steelin so much from us days we has to keep inventing up nu shit. Hell we even thru fo shizzle out there & you neanderthal cave monkeys stole dat. We made dat shit up jus to c if u'd steel it & mudderfukker, you pale ass mudderfukkers ate dat shit up. But fo realz, nex we be using dat afrocoon click language Justin to sea if u'll Steele dat shit from us two. Piece out
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