TT Dr.Phil Part.2 (live reaction)

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  • Schazi7Ohanna reply TT calls the barrel of am AK a nozzwl? What a moron lol
  • RockerBarbie77 reply omg! lol thats what keeps her alive! .ohh lord.. this chic triggers the shit outta me!..she's like a child who refuses to do what an adult tells her,because she's in the right. hell she won't even listen to doctor phil's advice about unplugging for know it can only get worse for her right?..there was no therapy for the problem,hence the problem still exists...\m/.. sry ron had to feel like I was talking to you while watching this..i'm sooo heated about this chic! sry
  • RockerBarbie77 reply damn ronny! the people whom you associated or currently associate with scares the shit outta me!. I worry about you and your son/s, and with folks like these ,that you get in it with over drama could be trouble..please watch out who you mess around with ron. you know folks are just crazy out there.. just sayin ,i want you and yours safe and drama could get you hurt ..def. watch out for them red flags\m/.. i only am concerned as a friend....xoxo valory
  • RockerBarbie77 reply thnx 4 sharing ronny\m/. u rock!
  • BellaMia reply So glad I got to see it. Just got home this evening and saw that it wasn't up. Then I got the notification! Yes! :)
  • Schazi7Ohanna reply I see you Negs. Thanks for posting. I missed the end on your stream yesterday.
  • [ – ] DianaScott reply Thank God you said something about the "caller"... When I listened to the caller.. I was actually SingMH... outta all people they air THAT call... Really? Dr Phil do your research.. That's the only issue I had with this episode on Dr. Phil
  • DianaScott reply Downloaded vidme to watch 🤣
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